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At ESAI Energy, we're always looking for new ways to improve the client experience and ensure you have all the latest information as soon as possible. Our regional reports, global outlooks, and market analyses are carefully researched and assembled to provide YOU with the analysis and forecasting you need to be successful.

As part of this mission, we're introducing Energy Analyst Talk, a podcast focusing on everything fuel, energy, and oil. Tune in to hear fresh takes and opinions on new headlines, analyses on major industry happenings, and original content focusing on the energy industry.

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Meet our team:

Sarah Emersion, ESAI Energy

Sarah Emerson,
ESAI Energy Managing Principal


Chris Cote,
Energy Analyst, Latin America

Andrew Reed, ESAI Energy

Andrew Reed,
Head of Global NGL/Naphtha,
Russia and CIS

Elisabeth Murhpy, ESAI Energy

Elisabeth Murphy,
Energy Analyst, North America

Chris Barber, ESAI Energy

Chris Barber,
Principal and Manager,
Refining and Biofuels

Yao Wu, ESAI Energy

Yao Wu,
Energy Analyst, Asia

Linda Giesecke, ESAI Energy

Linda Giesecke,
Manager of Global Fuels

Ryan Madsen, ESAI Energy

Ryan Madsen,
Energy Analyst, Middle East and Africa